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Saints in Mozambique are Thrilled with a Visit from Sister Bonnie H. Cordon

Members in Maputo and Beira, Mozambique enthusiastically welcomed Young Women General President, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon during Sister Cordon’s visit to the Africa Southeast Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Friday, May 24, 2019, Sister Cordon and her husband Brother Derek Cordon arrived in Maputo to visit, minister and train members of the Maputo Stake. Greeted by Maputo Stake President, João Castanheira, his counselor President Jamie Massango and ward Young Women President, Sister Maria Betânia Mabunda, Sister and Brother Cordon were taken to visit the homes of three young women.




Arriving at the first home, the family emotionally greeted the Cordon’s with a touching musical composition performed on guitar. After visiting and sharing testimonies, Sister Cordon marveled at the blessing of meeting the family.

During her visit to the second family, Sister Cordon lovingly counseled the young woman and her family to always be true to gospel principles and they would be happy and blessed.

Only the children are members of the Church in the last home visited by Sister Cordon. Their mother warmly welcomed Sister and Brother Cordon. Affectionate discussion and sharing of experiences created a wonderful feeling of harmony in the home as the visit concluded.

Accompanied by Elder and Sister Joni L. Koch, Sister Cordon provided training to Young Women Leaders, Young Men Leaders and Priesthood Leaders in a special meeting Friday evening. Sister Cordon counseled, “all callings in the Church are to help bring people closer to Christ.” She also commented that, “blessings do not come because of our abilities, they come because of our choices.”

Following the meeting, members enjoyed a loving visit with Sister Cordon as the Cordons and the Kochs departed for Beira.

Arriving at the Beira International Airport, the Cordons and the Kochs were greeted by The Beira Stake President, the Young Women’s Presidency and a group of young women. Accompanied by singing, the Cordons were presented with a "capulana" a traditional cloth wrap in Mozambique. 

Sister Cordon’s visit coincided with the Beira Stake Conference being presided over by Elder Koch, First Counselor in the Africa Southeast Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition to a leadership training meeting and women’s devotional conducted by Sister Cordon, Elder Koch gave Sister Cordon the opportunity to address two sessions of Stake Conference.


Sister Cordon delighted the members by speaking in Portuguese. She filled a mission as a young missionary to Portugal and served with her husband in Brazil while he served as a mission president.

During the two stake conference sessions Sister Cordon emphasized studying the Book of Mormon promising that miracles will come to those who study the Book. She also counseled everyone to work hard for spiritual as well as temporal goals and to always remember we are children of a loving Heavenly Father.

As part of her leadership training, Sister Cordon taught the importance of participating in councils and doing family history and temple work. She also stressed the importance of spiritual preparation, ministering and never forgetting we have great self-worth because we are children of God.

Monday morning, prior to leaving Beira, Sister and Brother Cordon and Elder and Sister Koch escorted by Beira Stake President Freeman Dickie, visited five homes of members of the Maraza Ward. More than fifty homes in the ward were destroyed or damaged when Cyclone Idai devasted the area earlier this year. Church humanitarian services has been providing much needed help to these and other families. The Cordon’s emotions were deeply touched as they met the wonderful people and felt their faith and trust in the Lord. Brother Cordon lovingly gave his tie to a non-member father who promised to wear the tie to church. 


Sister and Brother Cordon left Mozambique feeling very blessed for the opportunity of visiting with and feeling the testimonies of the Saints there.

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