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Saints in Madagascar are Blessed with a Visit from Sister Lisa L. Harkness

Sister Lisa L. Harkness, First Counselor in the General Primary Presidency, delighted members of the Church with a visit to Madagascar, May 22-24, 2019

Africa Southeast Area President, S. Mark Palmer and his wife, Sister Jacqueline Ann Palmer, accompanied Sister Harkness and her husband David, during a training meeting for Primary Presidencies, Primary Music Leaders and Priesthood Leaders and during a Women’s devotional for sisters eight years and older.



Elder Palmer addressed the Primary Leaders expressing his gratitude for Sister Harkness’ visit to Madagascar. In her remarks, Sister Harkness stressed the importance of having Heavenly Father’s help and that, “…we are called to serve the Savior and to lift others…Heavenly Father never leaves us alone to accomplish His work.” Sister Harkness also challenged leaders as they serve to: “First, prepare spiritually, Second, participate in counsels, Third, minister to others, Fourth, teach the gospel, Fifth, administer the organization.”


During the Women’s Devotional, Sister Harkness taught five things that help us feel Heavenly Father’s love.

“First, The Earth. When we look at this beautiful earth, created by our Heavenly Father, we feel his love.”

“Second, A Living Prophet. Heavenly Father’s love can be felt through the teachings of His living prophet.”

“Third, Scriptures. We can feel Heavenly Father’s love when we study the scriptures.”

“Fourth, Covenants. Staying on the covenant path brings us home to our loving Heavenly Father.”

“Fifth, Revelation. Through revelation to prophets and our own personal revelation, we feel Heavenly Father’s love.”

Elder Palmer ended the meeting telling the sisters that the Savior loves them and asked them to ponder what they had learned and share the messages with their families.



During their visit, Sister and Brother Harkness also had the opportunity to visit humanitarian sites and to visit and minister to families.



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