News Release


Sister Bonnie H. Cordon meets with Youth Leaders in Lubumbashi while Sister Lisa L. Harkness accompanied by Elder Joseph W. Sitati encourages the Saints in Kinshasa and meets with the Minister for Youth, Gender, Children and Family.

On May 22, 2019 as part of her ministry to the Africa Southeast Area of the Church, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon accompanied by her husband Derek Cordon arrived in Lubumbashi to a warm welcome by the Youth Leaders of the Church excited to engage in this historic visit by a global leader of the church. Sister Bonnie H. Cordon presently serves as the Young Women General President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has stewardship over the program which involves all young women of the Church between the ages of 12 and 17. Her desire to help provide instruction, encouragement and support to young women of the Church in living the gospel of Jesus Christ was evident in the training meeting that she carried out in Lubumbashi.


Invited to this unique learning experience were all the leaders of the Young Women and Young Men organizations in Lubumbashi with some traveling about 120 kilometers (75 Miles) to attend this historic meeting. The overarching message in her training was that faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ brings peace and that the youth can find strength to reach their potential as they understand, learn and cherish their divine identity as daughters and sons of God. The Youth Leaders can create the perfect environment to help nurture this divine identity as the youth are trusted with responsibilities that invite them to rely on Heavenly Father for direction through personal revelation and communion with the Holy Spirit.

Sister Lisa L. Harkness and her husband David, arrived in Kinshasa on May 25, 2019 to the joyous reception of members of the Church full of anticipation to learn, be inspired and uplifted in their desire to live the gospel and fulfill their duties in their families. Sister Harkness is First Councilor in the General Primary Presidency of the Church. As such she shares stewardship for the running of the Church’s programs that impact children up to the age of eleven. Her visit began with a leadership training session attended by leaders of the church responsible for the training and nurturing of the children of the Church.

             As part of this historic visit, Sister Harkness hosted the Minister of Gender, Children and Family, The Honorable Madam Chantal Safu Lopusa to a dinner in which deliberation on the importance of families took center stage. Sister Harkness and The Honorable Madam Lopusa had an excellent time discussing their roles in helping to establish societies that are peaceful, pleasant and joyous in which families can inculcate virtues, morals and self-purpose whose ripple effect would touch the lives of all within the communities and country at large. Music, humor, food and wholesome discussions were shared in the most humbling of settings.  


On the final day of their visit to Kinshasa, Sister and Brother Harkness along with Elder and Sister Sitati, had the opportunity of visiting three Church sponsered humanitarian projects. Two projects help provide much needed water to their communities. It was very heartwarming as residents expressed gratitude for the blessing of easily accessible water. 


Their final visit was to view equipment donated by the Church to provide corrective eyeglasses for those in need. Within one day patients can receive a pair of glasses correcting their vision. Sister Harkness was very moved to conclude her visit seeing how lives are being blessed by generous donations from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the world. 


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