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Zambia Roman Catholic Archdiocese Records Are Preserved

At that time, Archbishop Mpundu said,

“Let me assure you that we readily accept your offer for which we are very grateful.  We will cooperate in any way we can so that your sacred work is done properly for the greater glory of God. That is why I copy this message to our Archdiocesan Pastoral Coordinator, so that when you are ready to come, he will ensure that all parish priests are informed and prepared to work with you!”

In 2016, the digital project for the preservation of records was commenced.  Great excitement was shown for the work that had begun. His Grace, Archbishop Mpundu, as well as the Secretary General for the Episcopal conference of Zambia, Fr. Cleophas Lungu, were in attendance as the first register was digitized. 

Making these records available through the FamilySearch program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will enable many Latter-day Saints and others to find their ancestors.  

Another program the Church (mormons) has introduced is that of indexing.  This process of entering information from the world's digitally scanned historical documents into a database, making it easily searchable online.  People around the world can then search these indexed records to find their ancestors. Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can index records to perform meaningful service related to family history. 

Whether you've indexed before or are new to indexing, you're invited to participate in the annual Worldwide Indexing Event July 15–17, sponsored by

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