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World Church Leaders Visit Africa

LDS leaders inspire rising generation at YSA fireside held in Bryanston

During a recent visit to the Africa Southeast Area, world leaders from the LDS Church focused counsel on youth, Christ and marriage.

Kicking off their visit to Southern Africa, world leaders Tad R. Callister (General Sunday School President) and Larry M. Gibson (Member of the Young Men's General Presidency) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spoke in a special devotional for Young Adults. The leaders gathered the young people together in a symbolic way to say, "You are the matter to us...let's start right here." The setting - a beautiful LDS chapel in Bryanston, Johannesburg; the day chosen - the Sabbath, 1 February 2015.

The several hundred well-groomed young adults joined in singing, "Hope of Israel", a favorite Latter-day Saint hymn, to begin the evening devotional. Messages from the leaders and their wives were profound, personal and relevant. The golden thread was a focus on living a Christ-like life in a challenging world, and to press forward with faith.

Sister Gibson testified of miracles in our lives and spoke of the kindness of Christ. Elder Gibson talked about the power of prayer in moments of darkness. This led to a significant witness from Sister Callister about the truth of the Latter-day Saints scripture - The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ.

The evening concluded with Elder Callister teaching about the atonement and its power to enable and redeem all who desire to come into Christ. He stated, "It is the single most important event in the history of all created things."

Elder Kevin Scott Hamilton, ecclesiastical leader for the sub-Sahara region of the Church, thanked the guests and invited all present to have no fear in moving ahead. He counseled all young adults to seek out a companion and be married, not just for this life, but for time and all eternity, which can only be done in a Latter-day Saint temple.

Hearts were touched and lives changed as a consequence of the sacred evening.

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