News Release

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Cargo Ship in Port Elizabeth 

"The Lord assisted us to be in Port Elizabeth at the PERFECT time so we could experience this!"

"Over the years it has been our wish to be able to board a ‘Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistic’ ship and see what their business is really all about!! However with our BUSY schedule it had not yet been possible to coincide being in the same city when one of their ships have docked at port…

Yet last week, Quentin Hill (WWL South Africa) made that dream come true as a ship was docking and offloading cargo the same day we were assisting with a ‘WWL Customer Golf Day’ in Port Elizabeth! (Only three of their ships come into Port Elizabeth monthly, so this was a real treat!) When we arrived the ship was still out to sea as the wind speed was between 60-70kms per hour, Quentin expressed his concern that with that speed of wind, it would not be able to come into port! We told him that the only solution would be to pray…shortly thereafter the winds slowed down and their ship docked!"

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ has more than 140 years of shipping experience and a fleet of more than 60 modern, eco-friendly and fuel efficient vessels. As one of the world's leading RoRo carriers, they carry about 2,3 million vehicles, rolling equipment, and static cargo each year to most destinations world-wide. Aside from transportation of cars, agricultural and construction machinery they also specialize in the transportation of long, tall and heavy static cargo such as a space shuttle to Australia, a 200 tonne turbine to South Africa, a 25-metre yacht to the USA! 

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ and their Clients also LOVE to play golf!!

They have sponsored three Lady Golf Professionals:

Reeve Nield - Zimbabwe (Professional Golf Coach 21 years on the ‘Ladies European Tour’)

Laurette Maritz - South Africa (Tour Golf Professional for 27 years on the ‘Ladies European Tour’)

Cecilie Lundgreen - Norway (Tour Golf Professional for 16 years on the ‘Ladies European Tour’)

All of whom are members of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’.

“Over the past 15 years, we have enjoyed the remarkable opportunity to travel the world hosting ‘WWL Sponsor Client Golf Days’ whereby we are able to teach and assist WWL’s Clients and Staff with their golf.

‘Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ have been tremendous supporters of our charity ‘EYES4ZIMBABWE’ which we initiated in Zimbabwe(1996). Each year they have VERY KINDLY assisted us by paying for the shipping costs of 2x 40foot containers filled with charitable donations from Utah to Zimbabwe…WWL are a charitable organization who have assisted in doing MUCH, MUCH GOOD!!’

“Not only do we represent WWL world-wide, but we also represent the Church as most everyone knows that we are LDS and respects and appreciates what we stand for.”

What an incredible blessing it was for us to be able to see the ‘real’ operations of ‘Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ in its entirety…A FASCINATING experience to say the least!! We are TRULY GRATEFUL to be sponsored by such a well-established and well respected company…The Lord assisted us to be in Port Elizabeth at the PERFECT time so we could experience this!

We will be forever grateful to Quentin Hill (WWL) for making this FUN ADVENTURE happen!”

These Christ-like dynamic women members of  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints exemplify the leadership role that women play in and out the church, especially in their influience for good and ability to care for those around them. Women in the Church belong to the largest women's organisation on earth - the Relief Society, whose mandate is to do as Christ would in providing succour for the poor and needy, which is why Eyes4Zimbabwe was started in Africa. Eyes for Zimbabwe is a charity aimed to cure Zimbabweans from the eye disease Cataract; a disease which gradually makes people blind. In Zimbabwe alone there are over 80,000 children, youth and adults suffering from the disease. A simple ten minute surgery which costs as little as $20 USD, eyesight can be restored within 24 hours. 


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