News Release

Saints in Africa Thrilled with the Announcement of President Nelson's Visit.

A February 20, 2018 news release announced church president, President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, accompanied by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Sister Patricia Holland, will visit Africa in April 2018. The visit will include stops in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Members thoughout the area are expressing their gratitude and enthusiasm for what may be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to be with the prophet.

Following are comments from 6 members:


Brother Eric Onyango, Nairobi 2nd Ward, Kenya, “…It’s very, very exciting to me to know President Nelson is coming. When a prophet comes it is a special visit. Last time he was here he was an apostle, now he is President of the Church…I am more than excited, more than happy. If it means we must go at 4:00am to hear him, we will go so that we can hear every-single-thing he will say. Yes, it’s very exciting!!"



Sister Womba Nashiwaya, Namibia District, "Wow...I'm just happy to know that he is coming to Africa,…I know he is called of God and will do great things to help the saints know the will and mind of God…It’s amazing also to note that he is the one who dedicated Namibia for missionary work 26 years ago."


Brother Victor Gwezere, Harare Town Branch, Zimbabwe, "I don't know quite how to describe my feelings. It's overwhelming to be able to see the Prophet in person! It's a lifetime achievement for me personally. I've looked forward to something like this, to look at the Lord's mouthpiece in person will be life changing. Now I will prepare myself to meet him." 



Sister Deborah Ann Pienaar, Roodepoort Stake, South Africa, “I am so grateful a prophet will visit Africa…I thought of all my friends in Zimbabwe and Kenya and I am so excited for them, what an amazing spiritual experience it is going to be…I know President Nelson is called of God, I love and sustain him.”                                                                                            



Brother Kirumira Henry, Kampala South Stake, Uganda, “It’s always a tremendous blessing to have a prophet of the Lord visit this beautiful part of the world—Africa…His wonderful promise on studying the Book of Mormon is one of the great miracles that I’ve witnessed in my life and that of my family.”



Sister Samantha Moyo, Harare Stake, Zimbabwe, "For us here in Zimbabwe it's a major thing that he is coming when he has just become president of the church. It's an exciting period for us...we are excited to meet his wife. I know a couple who are not members of the church whose son is serving a mission now...they want to hear President Nelson speak and Elder Holland has also been one of my favorite speakers."












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