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New Mormons and Gays Website Sparks Interest

Few topics are as emotionally charged or require more sensitivity than same-sex attraction. A new website brings focus from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on this sensitive subject.


A number of debates have taken place both within churchs in South Africa, and the media concerning the future direction of churchs on homosexuality and same sex marriages in South Africa and the world over. [2]

In an article, "Why anti-gay sentiment remains strong in much of Africa". Harry Dugmore stated, "Of the 76 countries that still criminalise same-sex relationships and behaviour, 38 are African. Recent surveys also show that the overwhelming majority of people who live in Africa strongly disapprove of homosexuality. This is even the case in South Africa, the only country on the continent that has legalised same-sex marriage.[3]

This official website does not offer a comprehensive explanation of everything related to same-sex attraction, but it does reflect the feelings of Church leaders as to how we should treat each other as part of the human family. The site offers a place where the people whose lives are impacted by attraction to the same sex can find inspiration to work through difficult challenges while remaining faithful to Church teachings.  We strive as mormons to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

If we want to understand one another we have to see ourselves in one another. Open the book of each individual life and you will find a familiar story.

This new website allows us to each evalutate this special topic.


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