News Release

Mormon Church and Ukhozi FM Partnership a Great Success


“Love Given Love Received” was the theme that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormons) presented to Ukhozi FM Radio in 2010.  The focus was on the Wheelchair Outreach Program.  The Church requested Ukhozi FM to be their “eyes and ears” and let them know about anyone that is in need of a wheelchair.  This initiative would reach out to those members of the community with disabilities, and motivate them for a better lifestyle. Ukhozi FM (part of the SABC Broadcasting Network) took this request and turned it into a great success, not only for those needing wheelchairs, but for building its listenership and making the name of the Church well known.  The final wheelchair turnover was 1 September 2012, making a total of 150 wheelchairs donated by the church through Ukhozi FM.

An appreciation dinner was held at The Little Havana Restaurant on 18 September 2012.  Public Affairs Director for the Church in Durban, Graham Sabela, organized the dinner.  Mr. Sabela has been working closely with Ukhozi FM during the wheelchair initiative and wanted to make sure their efforts and participation were noticed.  Those attending the dinner from Ukhozi FM included:  Bonga Mpanza, Station Manager (Ukhozi); Lizzie Nxaba, Events Coordinator for Ukhozi; Juba Guma, Senior Secretary; Phelisa Tufu, SABC Education Manager; Lindelani Ngema, Promotions Manager; Phindile Khuzwayo, SABC Regional Manager Assistant; Celasiwakhe Dumakude, Promotions; Bongi Xaba, Ad Ministry.

Bonga Mpanza stood to thank The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He said, “Ukhozi FM has three purposes: Inform, Educate, and Entertain.  We are touched by the efforts of the Church to work with Ukhozi FM.  Such partnerships as this make Ukhozi FM the number one station in South Africa.”

Those attending on behalf of the Church included:  Congregational President Colin Wilford and wife, representing the Hillcrest area; Congregational President Charles Magaqua and wife, representing the Durban area; Graham Sabela; Mr. and Mrs. Duma, newly assigned Public Affairs Director for the Church; Mr. Thomas Hatch, Public Affairs Missionary for the church in Johannesburg; Dominic Tshabalala, National Public Affairs Director for the Church in South Africa, Mr. and Mrs. Murdock, Public Affairs Missionaries for the Church in Durban.

Dominic Tshabalala spoke saying, “This dinner is to thank Ukhozi and to show a desire of continued partnership with the radio station in efforts for clean water projects, providing stationary for schools, and other aid the Church can give the community.”  Mr. Tshabalala also gave thanks to Graham Sabela who will no longer be working in Public Affairs for the Church, as he has been called to a new leadership position in the Church.  Mr. Sipho Duma was introduced as the new Public Affairs Director that will be working with Ukhozi FM.  Mr. Tshabalala further explained that the Church is a non-profit organisation with no paid clergy.  All donations are given from faithful members of the Church.  It is through the sacrifice of these faithful members that the Church is able to make programs like this possible.



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