News Release

Malhampswene Clinic Receives Needed Equipment 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints humanitarian arm, LDS Charities, helps clinic to open.


Malhampswene Clinic has received medical equipment from Sidat, a supplier, donated by the Church.  Sidat delivered and assembled the equipment in two days.   

Equipment included desks, cabinets, beds, bed trays, scales, medicine cabinets, everything they had on the list to open the clinic is there and in place.

Before the handover ceremony they hope to get  a biohazard waste disposal  in place, and a window in a dark room.  The tipped water tank is up with electricity added. 

Elder and Sister Petersen senior missionaries from the Church, are pleased with the project and are excited for the handover ceremony.  They have presided over the project from the beginning.

Elder Petersen said," These are good people to work with.  Mr. Langa, our contact person in the provincial government, understands welfare principles.  It was a pleasure to work with him."

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