News Release

Johannesburg Area Participates in "All Africa Helping Hands"

All across the African Continent members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as The Mormons) participated in "Mormon Helping Hands" projects on 17 August 2013.  Church units in the Johannesburg Area were eager to be part of the service given on that day.  The purpose of these projects is to help the needy and improve communities, strengthen Church members, share the Gospel, and build relationships.  The Mormon Helping Hands program reflects the desires of the members to follow the example of Jesus Christ by serving others.  The projects are coordinated by local Church leaders.  

The following are stories of some of the congregations, and the projects they accomplished. 

Kwa-Guqa Ward

Gathering at the Nakekela Tlokomela Disable Centre in Kwa-Guqa, 84 volunteers in the Mormon Helping Hands program donned bright yellow vests, grabbed paint rollers and shovels and got to work painting the building, cleaning floors, washing clothes, cooking, feeding the children, and repairing appliances.  In nearly four hours, the entire centre was renovated successfully as local members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Kwa-Guqa Ward, donated time and talent to beautify their community.

Bishop Jeremy Rakotomamonjy, Chairman of the local event, said, “While church members have always been involved in community service, this is the one day a year that all congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, representing thousands of members, concentrate their efforts on the same day.”

Centurion 2nd Ward

On August 17th, fifty members of the Centurion 2nd Ward (congregation) provided a morning of service at the Kiriake Home for Homeless Adults.  Painting, gardening, and donating furniture were all part of the activity.  The pictures tell the story.

Orange Farm Branch

As the Orange Farm Branch was deciding what project to undertake this year, the Branch President received a letter that was written on the chalk board by one of the school teachers, whose classroom is one of the five that the Branch uses for a chapel and classrooms.  The letter asked that the church members help keep their school clean.   The Branch took this as an opportunity to improve their relationship with the teacher, the pupils, and the school.  All the classrooms were in need of repair.

On completion of this service project, relationships were improved as noted by another letter on the chalkboard by the teacher with reads, “Dear Church, This is just a letter of appreciation.  We would like to thank you for cleaning our class and painting our walls.  We really appreciate it.  Thank you, from the class and the teacher”

The school governing body has been impressed by the efforts the Church has put in trying to serve the children by giving them a better learning environment.  Thank you letters were sent to the administration body for the opportunity they gave the members to serve them. 

Belonging to the Orange Farm Branch of the Church has been a wonderful experience for the members, and they feel the Lord is blessing them tremendously.  Members are happy for participating in this project and want to continue to seek opportunities to serve.

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