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Great Blessings Experienced in Beira, Mozambique!

Crowds of over 1,500 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arrived by the busload to participate in the conference announcing the first LDS Stake in Beira.

Crowds began gathering an hour early to participate in the historic conference announcing the first LDS Stake in Beira (the second in Mozambique in less than one month!).

Young women of the choir are ready to sing like angels

Over 1500 people attended the wonderful Conference

Families came by the busload to be part of the new Stake creation

Young men are enthusiastic about hearing news of the new Beira Stake

A tent was set up outside the meetinghouse to handle the overflow crowd of over 1500 people

Tents were set up to handle the overflow crowds of people wanting to attend Conference

Primary children gathered to watch the eventful conference

Children were happy to be able to listen to the great conference

These boys wanted to get front row seats in the Childrens Meeting Room

The historic Stake Conference was presided over by Elder Stanley G. Ellis of the Africa Southeast Area Presidency, accompanied by Elder Khumbulani D. Mdletshe of the Area Seventy. Gratitude was expressed by the visiting authorities, as well as the congregation, for the service rendered by the outgoing District Presidency: President Alfredo Geraldo Camalizene (center), 1st Counselor Gill J. Huó (left), and 2nd Counselor Freeman Dickie (right).

Outgoing District Presidency

Announced as the Presidency of the newly created Beira Mozambique Stake: President – Freeman Dickie (center), 1st Counselor  - Gil Joaquim Lange Huó (left of center)  , 2nd Counselor – Elias Joaquim (right of center). Pictured with President Kretly, Elder Mdletshe and Elder Ellis.

New Beira Stake Presidency with Elders Mdletshe and Ellis and Pres Kretly

President Dickie and family

President Dickie and family

President Huó and family

President Huo and family

President Joaquim and family

President Joaquim and family

Announced as the Presidency of the new Manga District: President – Carlos José Vicente, 1st Counselor – Francisco José Xavier, 2nd Counselor – Joao Decue Manuel (pictured with President Kretly).

New District Presidency

The LDS Church was recognized in Mozambique in 1996, with the first branch in Maputo, the capital city. In January 1999, a second branch, in Beira, was organized. There are currently over 6,900 members in the country, with one mission.

Sister Maria Dickie-Soza was one of the first five members of the Mormon Church in Mozambique (pictured with President and Sister Kretly)

Maria Dickie Soza was one of the first five members of the Church in Mozambique

Jorge Chene Mounga (right) was the first missionary to serve from Mozambique

Jorge Chene Mounga was the first missionary to serve from Mozambique

Sister Kretly is surrounded by some of the loving children of Beira

Sister Kretly is surrounded by loving children of new Beira Stake

President Dickie addressed the congregation following his sustaining saying, “We are here now to testify of the wonderful growth of the Church in Beira. Take to heart that it doesn’t matter how many members we have or how many continents, countries or languages, what matters is that success is measured by the spiritual force of the members.”

New Beira Stake President Alfredo Geraldo Camalizene shares testimony

President of the newly created Manga District, Carlos José Vicente, counselled, “Although there may be great obstacles with the amazing growth here, through God’s help we will prosper.”

New District President Vicente speaks

Feelings of gratitude were expressed by Sister Adriana Kretly, wife of the Maputo Mission President, as she realized this would be the last conference they will attend in Beira before they return to Brazil following their 3 years of missionary service. She recounted that when they arrived for the first time in Beira, there was one small branch with about 30 people. She shared: “Now, we see the miracle…the Lord has opened the windows of heaven to bless this country and this city.”

Maputo Mission President, Paulo V. Kretly rejoiced in the fact that over the past 3 years, there have been 532 families baptized into the Church in Mozambique. He stated, “More than 2,000 people have had their lives changed.” He expressed gratitude to all of the full-time missionaries who have laboured in this part of the Lord's vineyard.

Mozambique Mission President Paulo Kretly happily addresses crowds

Some of the Lord's 'Army of Helaman' serving in the Beira area

The Army of Helaman serving in Beira

In his address, Elder Khumbulani D. Mdletshe quoted Alma 37 from the LDS book of scripture ‘The Book of Mormon’ which states: “By small and simple things are great things come to pass.” He commented that Joseph Smith (the first prophet of the LDS Church) saw our day when he said the Church would fill the whole earth. Elder Mdletshe spoke through Portuguese translator, President Bueno from the Mission Presidency.

Elder Khumbulani Mdletshe shares his counsel as Pres Bueno translates

A combined choir of young men and women shared a beautiful rendition of 'Secret Prayer'

Choir sang beautiful rendition of Secret Prayer

In closing remarks by Elder Stanley G. Ellis, he gave testimony that this is Jesus Christ’s church. He urged those in attendance to help find people and help them know about the Church and of Jesus Christ. He stated, “We are His messengers and through faith, God will lead us by His spirit.”

Elder Stanley G Ellis announces the first Stake in Beira

New Stake Presidency is already beginning to counsel together

New presidency is already beginning to plan

Hugs for beloved friends...

Hugs for beloved friends

A child's prayer...The future of the Church is strong in Mozambique!!!

Little girl praying




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