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General Auxiliary Leaders Begin Their Ministering Visit in South Africa

Saints in Three Cities of South Africa are Blessed by the Ministry of Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, General President of the Young Women and Sister Lisa L. Harkness, First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency

Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18,  Sister Cordon visited Young Women and their leaders in Port Elizabeth, while Sister Harkness visited Primary Children and their leaders in Cape Town.

Friday afternoon, priesthood leaders arranged for the Sister Cordon to visit the homes of Young Women and their families and arranged for Sister Harkness to visit the homes of Primary Children and their families. The special love and powerful testimonies Sister Cordon and Sister Harkness brought into their homes was an unforgettable experience for the young women, the primary children and their families. Both Sister Cordon and Sister Harkness felt great gratitude for the blessing of sharing time with these wonderful families.   

Friday evening both Sisters conducted special devotionals for women and young women eight years old and older.


In Port Elizabeth, Sister Cordon, accompanied by her husband Derek and Elder and Sister Joseph W. Sitati, met with over 350 women from the Port Elizabeth Stake. Elder Sitati introduced Sister Cordon expressing his gratitude for her visit saying, “…she has the whole world to cover and we are blessed to have this window of time with her…”

Sister Cordon began by saying, “The Lord loves you and knows you”, then asked,  “What is the purpose of our being here?” after congregation responses she answered the question, “To bring people to Christ”. She then referred to Revelations 3:20, “...the Savior stands at our door and knocks. We need to learn to recognize His voice and open our hearts to Him.”

In Cape Town Sister Harkness was accompanied by her husband,  David and Elder and Sister Joni L. Koch. Elder Koch introducing Sister Harkness said, “…there are 110 general officers of the Church. Only 9 of them are women. It is a great blessing to have Sister Harkness with us.”

Beginning her remarks Sister Harkness said, “…no matter where we are on this beautiful earth, we are always sisters.” She testified that, “…our Heavenly Father loves us and is there for us. Heavenly Father has not left us alone…” She then taught the sisters ways in which they can feel Heavenly Father’s love.

Concluding each of the meetings Sister Cordon and Sister Harkness asked the congregation to sing special songs. Sister Cordon had the Young Women sing, “Peace in Christ” and Sister Harkness had the Primary sing, “He Sent His Son.”



Sunday, May 19, both Sister Cordon and Sister Harkness were in Johannesburg at two different locations conducting leadership training for Young Women leaders and Primary leaders respectively. Both training sessions were broadcast live to English speaking units throughout the Africa Southeast Area.

Sister Cordon encouraged leaders serve diligently sharing Elder Uchtdorf’s comments that, “God will magnify our efforts” and President Hinckley’s counsel that, “…prayer will make up the difference between what we can do and what we need to do.”

Sister Harkness said, “The Savior never avoided those with infirmities but ministered to them. It is a brave mother that brings a child with challenges to church. As members we can minister to the child and the family.”

Leaving the training sessions comments of two sisters represent the feelings of all who attended the sessions; “Thank you for the excellent, inspiring and uplifting training. Please visit us again” and “…your training inspired me to be better and serve better.”


Sister Cordon now travels to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique while Sister Harkness travels to Madagascar and a different location in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continuing their ministering visits in the Africa Southeast Area.

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