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Elder Terence M. Vinson of the Presidency of the Seventy visits four countries in the Africa Southeast Area.

In March 2019, Elder Vinson visited Uganda, South Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.

Elder Terence M. Vinson of the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife Sister Kay Anne Vinson, visited four different Africa Southeast Area Countries in nine days.

    On Saturday and Sunday March 16 and 17, Elder Vinson accompanied by Area Seventy, Elder Walter Chatora, held Stake Conference sessions in the Kampala North Stake, Uganda, where he re-organized the Stake Presidency. Fredrick Kyambadde was called as the new Stake President with David Cook as First Counselor and Godfrey Lufafa as second counselor.  


Elder Chatora conducted the Stake Conference and said church leaders are called of God through the spirit of revelation.

Elder Vinson referred to Hymn 134, “I Believe in Christ”. He said this hymn was precious to him and that he would do anything the Savior asked him to do.

Tuesday, March 20, Elder Vinson accompanied by Second Counselor in the Area Presidency, Elder Joni L. Koch and his wife Sister Michele Koch, met with missionaries in Johannesburg, South Africa. Missionaries from the Johannesburg Missionary Training Center with Training Center President Andre C. Bester and his wife Sister Joy Bester and about 90 missionaries from the South Africa Johannesburg Mission with Mission President Dane O. Leavitt and his wife Sister Ruth Leavitt, gathered for instruction from Elder Vinson and the other leaders.


President Leavitt counseled that honesty and obedience earn trust from God.

Sister Koch shared the faith building story of her mother’s conversion to the gospel which brought her family into the Church. She encouraged the missionaries that they, “don’t know how many apples will come from one seed.”

Elder Koch advised the missionaries to listen with “your mind and heart” (D&C 8: 2-4), telling them to take good notes during Elder Vinson’s instruction. He then bore testimony that “this is the Church of Jesus Christ”.

President Bester introduced Elder Vinson, who thanked the others for their comments and testified “this Work is about the Savior”. He then counseled those present to “obey the ordinances” and become accepted of God. He admonished them to repent and be humble but to be bold in declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ. He further counseled them to use the correct name of the Church, be honest and there will be powerful results. He ended by testifying that the Savior’s Atonement is "infinite", but the miracle is that it is also “intimate”.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 20 and 21, Elder Vinson accompanied by Elder Joseph W. Sitati, First Counselor in the Area Presidency and his wife Sister Gladys N. Sitati, were in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Area Seventies; Elder Eustache Ilunga and Elder Christopher Kawaya, also met Elder Vinson in Kinshasa, where he held priesthood leadership meetings, attended an institute class and held a special member meeting. Elder Vinson also toured the new Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Temple, which will be dedicated in April 2019.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 22-24, Elder Vinson accompanied by Elder S. Mark Palmer, Africa Southeast Area President and his wife Sister Jacqueline Ann Palmer, conducted meetings in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Area Seventies; Elder Khumbulani Mdletshe and Elder Arthur Miranda, also met Elder Vinson in Bulawayo to participate in the meetings.

During a young married couples meeting Friday evening, Elder Mdletshe admonished, “we need the Spirit to direct us in our lives”. Sister Palmer counseled the couples to be kind and considerate, “especially to your spouse”. Elder Palmer said that we must “intentionally speak kind words and focus on the Lord…nothing is as important as our marriage and our relationship with the Lord.”

Sister Vinson advised, “communication is vital in marriage…sweet language begets sweet responses and a truly wise man understands the words his wife never says.”

Elder Vinson gave counsel using scriptures from Moses, Galations, and Mosiah and referred to “The Family, A Proclamation to the World.” He told the couples to “support each other as equal partners”, that, “the success of your marriage depends on you not your spouse, take 100% responsibility.”


Saturday, priesthood leaders were given special counsel and advise in a Priesthood Leadership Meeting Saturday morning. Elder Vinson told the leaders to align with the new home-centered, church supported plan, “Come Follow Me”. Elder Palmer and Elder Miranda conducted a devotional Saturday afternoon for Young Single Adults, Priests and Laurels.

Sunday two Stake Conferences were held, one presided over by Elder Vinson in the Nkulumane Stake Center and one presided over by Elder Palmer in the Bulawayo Stake Center.

                       Elder Vinson remarked, “There is a great love for Africa from the brethren in the general councils of the church”.

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