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Elder Neil L. Andersen, of The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and his wife, Sister Kathy Andersen, Minister to Saints in Cape Town

Priesthood and auxiliary leaders from the South Africa Cape Town Coordinating Council gathered Saturday morning for leadership training. The training was divided into two sessions. In the first session Elder Andersen said, “The Savior wants the Church established everywhere in the world.” He told the story of the growth of the Church in the Ivory Coast. Starting with the efforts of two couples in the middle 1980’s, the church has grown to where now they have broken ground for the Abidjan Cõte d’Ivoire Temple. Elder Andersen also counseled, “The church alone won’t hold our children. Faith in Christ must go deep into the souls of our children.”

Elder Sitati and Elder Koch both spoke of higher and holier ministering. Elder Matswagothata expressed his gratitude for a young woman classmate of his who courageously offered him a Book of Mormon, which led to his becoming a member of the Church.

 The second session was devoted to questions and answers. A question close to the hearts of many of the attendees was, “What can we do to get a temple?” Elder Andersen answered, “All things must come to pass in their time. Petition the Lord for the temple. Build and solidify the kingdom. Have faith. You will get a temple closer to you than they have been in the past.”

Elder Koch bore testimony of the power of using the full name of the Church. He said his mother had been searching for a church, when she heard the full name of the Church, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, she knew it was the true church.

At the end of the session Elder Andersen blessed the congregation that the Church would grow in the area and that their testimonies would penetrate to the members. He also blessed them to be able to love the Lord, God with all their “heart, might, mind and soul.”



During the Saturday afternoon devotional for young people, Sister Andersen claimed everyone attending as members of their family. She also bore witness that Elder Andersen is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. She said she has heard him speak all over the world. He will say something unique to some congregations, it is revelation. She admonished them to “listen with your heart, pray with your mind.”

Elder Andersen told the youth to remember who they are. “Life didn’t begin here. We are all sons or daughters of God.” He said, “There is something you are meant to do and become. Live the commandments. The Kingdom of God in Cape Town depends on you.” He concluded by witnessing that, “The Savior lives, He lives! Jesus Christ is the central figure of all humanity.”

Following the Youth Meeting, to the delight of all attending, groups of 10-15 people had the opportunity to have their picture taken with Elder and Sister Andersen and the other visiting leaders.


Elder and Sister Andersen and Elder and Sister Sitati, attended a special Stake Conference held Sunday morning for the Cape Town Stake. In opening remarks, Stake President Ryan Holmes, asked members, “If we had a temple, would you make time to attend?” Then he encouraged the saints to be temple worthy. Sister Sitati counseled members to be obedient. She said, “obedience brings blessings.” Elder Sitati said, “Ministering is the African way. We just wander to our neighbors, ask how they are doing and help them.”

Sister Andersen expressed her gratitude for being there and appreciated President Holmes remarks about a temple. She also expressed her love for Elder and Sister Sitati, then witnessed that her husband, Elder Andersen, is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder Andersen concluded the meeting. He witnessed that, “Christ is central to everything.” He also encouraged the saints to build their faith in the Savior. He said, “Faith can grow if you focus on it…Be open with your faith…You are the flame of the restoration. We must share the gospel with others. Keep the flame alive.”


Following the Stake Conference Elder Andersen shook hands and greeted the members.

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