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Church Congregations Discuss New 2016 Area Plan

Latter-day Saints throughout the Africa Southeast Area received instruction on the goals set by the Area Presidency in their new 2016 Area Plan.

After training congregations in January, The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints Africa Southeast Area found that wards (congregations), families, and individuals  have begun using this great plan in their own lives.

The vision of the Area Presidency was to establish the Church and its members on a sure foundation, as directed by apostles and prophets and as inspired by God.

The key objectives and goals of the plan are as follows:

1.  Improve family and individual Sabbah Day worship by improving the qualiy of sacrament meetings and by observing the Sabbath in the home. 

2.  Improve the timeliness of all priesthood ordinations, with special focus on prospective elders.

3.  Improve the quality and effectiveness of gospel teaching  and learning. 

Several congregations submitted feedback to South Africa Mormon Newsroom following their training:   

Bishop Sandile Makasi of Johannesburg provided guidelines for leaders and members to implement this year's plan. He also hopes to incorporate the goals in talks, lessons and other settings throughout the year.

As Bishop Clive Reid of Edenvale reviewed each part of the area plan and the ward plan with members, and gave everyone a chance to write down family plans and goals. 

Annette von Brughan stated that her bishop used the video provided by Elder Cook to explain the plan and how it works for their ward, for families, and for individuals. " His enthusiam helped me align with the plan."

"Members are encouraged to be seated reverently 10 minutes before the beginning of sacrament meetings to increase the spirit of worship", Sister Brughan's bishop said. "The members have come up with a plan to read the bible each day as a family."

Sandie Taylor shared her family's impressions, which included preparing lessons ahead of time, planning for full time mission service, and reaching out to others by inviting a family each month for a lunch out. She also mentioned the importance of reaching out with acts of service and love. 

As each leader, family and individual implements these goals the area is helping families to increase their faith in Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. 

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