News Release

Casa Do Sol School For Learners With Special Educational Needs, Renovated with Help from LDS Charities

The website for Casa Do Sol School, explains the school, “provides a place of inclusive integration for learners with intellectual disabilities.” (Our) role extends beyond just immediate scholastic development…our work builds an awareness in the community at large, that different isn’t less”

Currently 181 students attend the school. School principal, Jenny Drew, explained that the curriculum includes scholastic and musical instruction in classroom settings but also teachs life skills which help the students care for themselves and make a positive contribution to the community. Students carefully maintain the classrooms and playgrounds. They also learn to make ceramic flowers, dishes, bowls and other items which they sell at fund raising events held periodically at the school. On Fridays the school has a coffee shop open to the public. The students help make the products sold at the coffee shop and help serve the customers. These opportunities provide practical experience and create a feeling of self-worth.


The campus is clean, well-organized and reflects a very positive environment filled with happy students. Funding comes from tuition, government stipends, private contributions and school sponsored fundraisers. These sources provide funding for day to day operations but not adequate funds for special needs.

When representatives of LDS Charities learned that the school had need of fences for security, resurfacing of playground vehicle tracks and an awning to provide needed expansion for an outdoor weather protected area, representatives visited the School. They evaluated the services provided, inspected the areas of need and determined they would provide some funding for the projects. With LDS Charities commitment, the school was able to secure additional contributions of labor, materials and reduced prices to help complete the needed projects.




In a letter to LDS Charities, principal Drew said, “We cannot thank you enough for making such a wonderful contribution to our school and learners…The boundary fence has made such a difference…most importantly security. The covered patio has given us an “extra” classroom in a sense…The tarring of the tracks has contributed enormously to our playgrounds!”. 

LDS Charites appreciates the service provided by principal Drew and her staff and is grateful to have been a participant in helping enhance facilities for the students.

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