News Release

Cape Town Area Welcomes Mormon Helping Hands


Much happiness was felt in the Cape Town area as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints gathered for Helping Hands Day on 18 August 2012.  Members of the Church (Mormons) gathered at various projects to donate their time and resources to help those in need. Mormons are taught to follow the example of Jesus Christ by giving service, just as He did. The following are examples of the love and service that was given on that day.

48 members of the George Branch, led by President Matsaluka, assembled at the Thembalethe High School to pick up trash to help beautify the community of Thembalthu. Children passing by were interested in the yellow Helping Hands T-Shirts. They were told that everyone there were volunteers. The children wanted to join the project so they were given gloves and trash bags and pitched in with the rest of the workers. A total of 140 trash bags were filled.

Mr. Bongani Mafuya of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, who was instrumental in funding this project, worked alongside the volunteers and was well pleased with all that was accomplished.

Panorama Ward provided service to the "Dusk to Dawn" shelter for abused women and children in Ravensmead. The service included the following:  Erection of four swings, moving sand and stone to a driveway, painting walls and picking up rubble, and the repairing of doors and windows.

The hard working volunteers outside were accompanied by ward members who were inside spending time with the residents. They enjoyed doing make-up, giving hand massages and doing nail painting, beading bracelets and necklaces, having fun activities with the children and helping them clean their rooms.

The service also included donations from the church and other individuals to provide the materials needed for the project, which included: paint, cement, materials for swings, toys, clothing, beads, money towards electricity used on the day and the use of make-up, etc. There are so many to be thanked for this successful day of service.

37 member of the Gugulethu Branch gathered at Vuduhambe. The Project coordinator, Sr. Tsakani Mushwana arranged the focus on the areas of washing walls, windows and floors, and painting the kitchen. These Latter-day Saints, including the Vukuhambe Administrator, Sr. Soso, immersed themselves in the work of service, and also had fun.  The Branch President Sibotoboto conclude that the two greatest lessons learned are (1) To whom much is given, much is required, and (2) Service sanctifies.

Mowbray and Langa Units had about 50 members making emergency sleeping bags. The Rotary group helped supply the material for the project and the bags will be handed over to the Adonis Musati Project who then hands them out to street people in times of emergency.

The Klein Drakenstein members of the Church donated time at the Rusthof Old Age Home in Paarl. The men spent time cleaning the outside, the gardens, and washing the windows of the old age home. Inside, the women gave some well needed - and wanted - attention to the residence by cutting fingernails, massaging their hands, and polishing the women's nails.

The people of the old age home had as much fun as the volunteers. The Staff nurse, Ms. Kulsen, was so thankful for the Helping Hands and said that the residents do not get many visitors, and asked that they come again. The effort put in was very much appreciated.

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