News Release

The Beautiful, New Cosmo City Meeting House is Dedicated

On a lovely October Sabbath Day, Elder Joni L. Koch, second counselor in the Africa Southeast Area, dedicated the recently completed Cosmo City Meeting House. Members of the Church and many friends from the community, attended the dedicatory service. At noon, following normal Sunday services, the dedicatory program began with a musical number by the choir, followed by an opening prayer. Elder Koch then spoke briefly about why meeting houses are dedicated and offered the dedicatory prayer. Following a musical number by the choir and a closing prayer, members and friends celebrated this much anticipated day.


Branch President of the Cosmo City Branch, Matthews P. Dikane, felt the dedicatory service was wonderful. A great sense of unity between members of the Church and their neighbors was felt through-out the meeting and the day. He said the building has enhanced the image of the Church through-out the community and is a credit to the faith and effort of previous Branch President Jack U. Nkuna and all the members and previous Branch leaders. Branch members say they cherish this building and express their deep gratitude for the privilege of having such a wonderful place to worship the Lord.

Thomas Dube was leader of the Cosmo City group when it was organized in 2009 with approximately 23 members. They met in 2 rented rooms of a local school. Approximately 50% of the members were active, but they were faithful, dedicated members and the group grew steadily. Growth required that they rent 4 school rooms, then around 2011, due to continued growth, the Church provided pre-built structures on the property where the new building now stands. In 2012, the Cosmo City Branch was formed with Brother Dube as Branch President. A number of the members of the original group, are still part of the Branch. Brother Dube says, “It’s miraculous to see the Hand of the Lord work with these wonderful saints whose work and energy have made this day possible.”

 Brother Deon Botes, from the Area Facilities Management Department, managed the building construction. Deon says the building was built with many innovative ideas. The heating/cooling system, the light fixtures, the ceilings, the installation of the electrical system, and the method used to construct the building, are all some of the newest designs available. Even the bricks used to build the building were made on site from the land the building sits on. Brother Botes indicates that the Facilities Management team will use the experience of constructing this building to help with construction of buildings through-out South Africa. However, the most rewarding aspect of the building project was feeling the appreciation of the members for the building.

 Members say, “having this building says to everyone, we are here to stay.”

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