Photo Essay

Apostle Blesses Young Single Adults

Apostle speaks and blesses young single adults at special meeting in Centurion

Elder Quentin L. Cook, world leader and member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, greeted, inspired and blessed the rising generation.


Elder Quentin L. Cook greeting a faithful member.


Elder Cook took time to shake hands and encourage all present.


Elder Cook encourages a young single brother to keep going.


Elder Quentin L. Cook was joined by Elder Kevin Scott Hamilton and Elder Tasara Makasi, with their wives, to address the large audience.


Elder Cook addresses the devotional meeting.


The venue was filled to over-flowing, as the young members of the Church were captivated by the talks.


Over 700 young single adults, with their leaders, concentrate on the teachings.


The young single adults in attendance were unanimous in their appreciation and excitement after the messages were delivered.


"Thumbs Up!" from young single adults.


Smiles all around, as Elder Quentin L. Cook shook hands with enthusiastic members. Some had never met an Apostle before.


Elder Cook with satisfied attendees.


The message was for one and all.


Young adult advisor couple mingles with a young single adult sister.


Seven stakes were represented at the meeting.


Latter-day Saints radiate the gospel goodness.


Members came from as far as 500 kms away to attend - all well-dressed and ready for the instruction session.


Fun was had by all!


Leaders, forever by the side of their young single adults.


Ward young single adult advisors (at right), with their fellow members.


Church members felt a great sense of unity following the event.


Joyful members after the devotional.


Elder Cook advised the young single brothers present not to overemphasize physical perfection in a marriage partner.


Two "brothers in arms".


The sisters in attendance were advised by Elder Quentin L. Cook not to place too much emphasis on education and standing when looking for a good husband.


Sisters are inspired by the messages.


A focus for the evening was what qualities a young man should look for in an eternal companion, such as: temple worthiness, a solid testimony, common interests & love of children.


Faithful mother supporting her young single adults at the event.


Young women were counselled to look for qualities such as: worthy priesthood holder, future provider, strong values, hard worker, active & faithful, among others when searching for a husband.


Brother and sister say goodbye to the Apostle.


Prospective missionaries wave goodbye to Elder Quentin L. Cook, while their caring Bishop looks on.


Prospective missionaries saying goodbye.


Coaches and mini-vans shepherded the young single adults away after the event - feelings of peace & gratitude filling their hearts.


Coach-load of young singles say "Goodbye!"


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