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Africa Lights the World

As Christmas approaches, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints throughout Africa have continued to share the spirit of Christ through several #LightTheWorld activities. Some of these members from South Africa share their experiences from the second week.

On Day #5, members of the church remembered how Christ helped heal others, by signing up as organ donors. Hetta Sacargi’s daughter, Bernice, was among these members and said that the experience made her “feel important”. Others, such as the Gordon family, gave service by donating blood at a local blood drive.

Thalia Holmes and her two-year-old daughter celebrated the 7th day of service by shopping for simple staple foods to include in gift hampers to the needy. “This Christmas, many people in Africa don’t need lavish presents or food. Things like beans, oil and salt will brighten their day. How easy it is to lighten their day!” says Thalia.

While walking along a Johannesburg street on Day #10, sister Sithole from Johannesburg saw a handicapped man struggle to climb a steep ramp towards High Point shopping mall. With the help of two men, sister Sithole was able to assist the man up the harsh ascent. “Thank you so much, I am ok now,” said the man in gratitude. All of them parted ways with smiles on their faces.


On the same day, a group of YSA in Johannesburg decided to visit the Eufees Oord old age home to wash windows and spend time with residents- many of whom never get visitors during the festive season.

This same group celebrated #Day11 by crafting t-shirts with a wheelchair-bound friend. The T-shirts read: Just because I am disabled, doesn’t mean that you can push me around”. Jeremy Dickey from Johannesburg says that the project showed him that “no matter what our bodies or minds lack, our talents shine. A reminder that we are all children of God with a special light”.

Day #12 gave Gina Randall from Randburg an opportunity to teach others as the Saviour would. “I helped someone in my circle to open a bank account to prevent them being attacked while carrying home their wages. My friend was so happy to have a bank card instead of cash and kissed the card she got from the bank,” says Gina.

As the week drew to a close, members focused on how Jesus ministered to children. Madison Erasmus of Krugersdorp relates how her parents ministered to her and her siblings while growing up. “One of those ways was instilling in us a great love for Christmas and the true meaning behind celebrating every year. I am grateful for the lessons my parents taught me, for they stay with me always. That’s all I want when Christmas comes to town,” says Madison.     

Baili Chazen shares a touching incident in which she lit the heart of a car guard through sharing his testimony and a #LighttheWorld pass along card. “Do you want to be together with your family forever?” Baili asked the car guard whose countenance changed as he quietly got out a “Yes”. Then she bore his testimony of what she knew to be true, which led the car guard to wish to find out the truth for himself. “I am so grateful I got to speak to him and literally see his eyes, and more importantly, his heart open”, says Baili 

This campaign has given not only members of the Church an opportunity to serve but for those around them to be influenced by the example of Jesus Christ and in turn spread light in the lives of those around them.

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