News Release

A Sea of Yellow Vests Throughout Africa


The volunteers often partner with LDS Charities, the humanitarian services department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, major country initiatives, government sponsored campaigns,  orphanages, old age homes, schools and community action committees to improve their neighbourhoods.  They serve wherever they are needed in their yellow vests and with smiles on their faces.

Many units in the Church have ongoing partnerships which allows for extended service.  Some of the major partners emerging this year include:

  • Khusela Ikhaya Project/Informal settlement shelter fire-proof painting shacks in settlements
  • Botswana and Zambia  Ministry of Health and World Health Organization/ Immunizations
  • Stop Hunger Now/packaging and distribution of meals to children under 5.
  • Many country, governmental agencies, and cities.

Africa as a whole has embraced MHH since its beginning in 1998.  In 2016, 52,641 participants have logged a total of 268,449 man hours. This included help from members of the church units, friends, govenment officials and leaders of other faiths and community.

Africa Southeast Area President Kevin S. Hamilton said, "Mormon Helping Hands is the #1 tool to help bring the church out of obscurity in Africa."

 It has become a gathering for inter-faith, NGOs, and government entities to gather and serve.  Anybody can come, anybody can serve.

Whether it is a major clean-up after Mother Nature or just a needed song at a hospital the MHH volunteers are there to serve as Jesus Christ served. 

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